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xX Valentines Day - Johnlock Xx
February the 14th. The dreaded February the 14th. Sherlock sighed in irritation as he sat in a coffee shop with John. All around the shop at the tables when either holding hands, smiling stupidly at each other, nuzzling, kissing, humming sickly sweet words and sometimes even all of them at once. John was only there because he was hoping to meet a sweet girl. "This is embarrassing" frowned Sherlock.
"Then why did you tag along?" asked John. Sherlock silently fumed and the tips of his ear turned red.
John stared blankly then a grin spread across his face. Sherlock scowled.
"What?" he demanded.
"Nothing" shrugged John, that stupid grin still on his face. Sherlock narrowed his eyes and sank back in his chair, sipping his coffee.
A waitress sauntered over with a notebook with a small smile. She was quite pretty with mousy brown hair and soft pink cheeks. Her standard uniform was switched to a white blouse with frills and a short red skirt. "Can I get you two love birds anything?" she asked
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Pinecone by theshipperoflove Pinecone :icontheshipperoflove:theshipperoflove 1 0 Sansy by theshipperoflove Sansy :icontheshipperoflove:theshipperoflove 5 4 Skulduggery Doodle by theshipperoflove Skulduggery Doodle :icontheshipperoflove:theshipperoflove 0 0 Chara Doodle by theshipperoflove Chara Doodle :icontheshipperoflove:theshipperoflove 2 0
Xx New Year - Johnlock xX
John paced around the flat, pondering. He was trying to decide what to do for new years eve. At first he thought of having a party but then he thought of what Sherlock would say. Sherlock had already had to deal with the Christmas party and it...wasn't very successful. John wasn't going through all that again. Still, nothing came to mind. Sherlock lay on the sofa, seemingly asleep. He wasn't though. He was just thinking. Intensely thinking. Sherlock kept thinking about John throwing a new years eve party. He couldn't. He wouldn't. John suddenly stopped pacing and turned to his friend. "Sherlock..."
Sherlock sighed, already mapping out the following conversation. "Yes?" he responded.
"I'm not going to throw a party" John concluded.
Sherlock frowned, clearly not expecting that. "What?"
"I'm not throwing a party" confirmed John.
"Oh" said Sherlock. He couldn't help but smile to himself. "What do you have in mind then?" asked Sherlock. John hesitated.
"Well, I was wondering if it should be
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Totoro by theshipperoflove Totoro :icontheshipperoflove:theshipperoflove 1 4 Bored, Sans Doodle by theshipperoflove Bored, Sans Doodle :icontheshipperoflove:theshipperoflove 2 0 The Great Papyrus!! by theshipperoflove The Great Papyrus!! :icontheshipperoflove:theshipperoflove 1 1 Frisk by theshipperoflove Frisk :icontheshipperoflove:theshipperoflove 4 0
Wolfstar - Amortentia
It was in a double potions class when this all started. All the students listened carefully to Professor Slughorn, a potions professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was quite a collector and was very skilled in brewing. In this particular potions class sat a group of 6th year Gryffindors and Slytherins. They all stood around a steaming cauldron of potion whilst Professor Slughorn spoke. Directly in front of the cauldron stood four boys; Sirius, James, Peter and Remus. Sirius smirked as he stared at the cauldron and he shot Remus a few glances. James had a misted look over his eyes as he sniffed the contents of the cauldron. Peter looked as if he could smell the largest pile of sweets in the world. Now Remus, he just blushed and blinked slowly. You’re probably wondering; what is it that is in the cauldron that is making these four boys and the rest of the class acting slightly off? Well, I’ll tell you now. The potion in the cauldron was called ‘amor
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xX Johnlock - Toothpaste Kisses Xx
A/N: Heavily inspired by the song - yes, you guessed it - 'Toothpaste Kisses'. If you haven't heard it then go check it out. In all honesty, I prefer the cover by Dodie Clark ^^ This is just quick fanfic but enjoy
John lay down in bed under his covers about to drift off to sleep when he heard his door creak open. He turned over to see Sherlock’s silhouette in the door frame. “Sherlock, what are you-“
“I couldn’t sleep John” said Sherlock, “My mind has been racing for hours on end and refuses to sleep. Even though I really want to.”
“Oh” said John, “Well what can I do to help?”
Sherlock silently made his way over to John’s bed and crawled under the covers. John furrowed his eyebrows. “Uh...”
“Just...Distract me John” said Sherlock restlessly, “Or soothe me. Whatever can stop the bombs exploding in my mind.”
John raised an eyebrow and hesitantly reached an arm forward.
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Sherlock x John: Sweet Tyler
Chapter 21: The Spider

The photograph John took of the cipher had been blown up into small sections and then printed out and all the pictures were stuck on the mirror. The numerical value of each symbol had been written against it. Sherlock was standing at the fireplace looking at the pictures closely and had spotted a pattern.
“Always in pairs, John” said Sherlock.
John was sitting at the dining table with his back to the fireplace and his head propped in his hands. Sherlock’s smooth voice roused him from his sleep. He blinked and turned his head, squinting round at his friend.
“Numbers come with partners.”
John gazed around the flat blankly, “God, I need to sleep.” He really needed to too. His eyes were dark and his brain was almost dead. He glanced over to Tyler who sat wide awake in front of the fireplace; gazing up at all the notes and pictures. She was surrounded by empty energy drink cans and coffee mugs. J
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Sherlock x John: Sweet Tyler
Chapter 20: I Need You to Concentrate
“Somebody..?” asked John.
Sherlock nodded, his voice still rough, “Soo Lin Yao. We have to find her.”
He looked down and bent to pick something off the floor.
“But how, exactly?”
Sherlock picked up a folded envelope. On the back of it was written:
Please ring me
tell me you’re

He unfolded the envelope and looked at the front of it; Tyler leaned on Sherlock for support as she felt slightly light headed and peered over his arm at the envelope. Printed in the bottom right hand corner was:

“Maybe we could start with this” croaked Sherlock. Tyler nodded silently.
He and Tyler walked out, closing the door behind them and headed off down the road. John followed the two of them.
“You’ve gone all croaky. Are you getting a cold?” John asked Sherlock.
“I’m fine” coughed Sherlock. John glanced at Tyler who o
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Sherlock x John: Sweet Tyler
Chapter 19: Gone-Off Milk
Shortly afterwards, the three are staking out the tourist shop, The Lucky Cat, the shop outside which Andy Galbraith was standing when he tried Soo Lin’s doorbell. Sitting at a table in the window of the restaurant opposite the shop, Sherlock was writing the two Hangzhou numbers and their English equivalents onto a paper napkin. John sat opposite him, also writing notes. Tyler nibbled on a small bread roll, watching over John.
“Two men travel back from China. Both head straight for the Lucky Cat emporium. What did they see?” asked John.
Sherlock sighed, “It’s not what they saw; it’s what they both brought back in those suitcases.”
“And you don’t mean duty free.”
A waiter brought over a plate of food and placed it down in front of John.
“Thank you” smiled John. The waiter winked and walked back to his station. Sherlock paid no attention to the waiter and Tyler glanced up at John; who
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Sherlock x John: Sweet Tyler
CHAPTER 18: Chinatown
A/N: This chapters switches character view a few times but I’ve tried to make it easy to follow!
=^-^= Enjoy! xx

Sherlock was standing at the fireplace again. The mirror was now almost completely covered because he had added several sheets of paper with various ciphers and pictograms on them. He had his head lowered and was consulting a book. A slamming door announced John’s return to the flat but since John immediately walked into the living room, he then slammed the kitchen door shut as he walked past it – presumably the only way he could think of to signify that not only was he home but he was mad as hell.
Sherlock didn’t turn round or look up. “You’ve been a while” he stated, “The whole night in fact.”
John walked a few more paces into the room, his shoulders rigid and his fists clenched. He stopped, blinking as he fought to hold on to his anger, and then turned to Sherlock.
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